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I Want To Perform My Show At Your Con!


But Who Am I? 

Back in the dark ages of convention work, 2004 to be exact, I started working as a coordinator for a game room in what would become the nation's largest anime convention.  The one thing I'd notice in my room is the amount of people that would come in upset that they couldn't get into their favorite panel because the lines were too long, or the room was already at maximum capacity.  So instead they'd come into my room, sit down, and play games.  

That Got Me Thinking...  

What if there was a way I could do something to entertain them more than just handing them a game of Checkers?  


 By then I was already an established entertainer by profession, so I figured why not utilize my skills in combination for my love of anime and games & put together a panel show for the convention's attendees?  

Success Is A Byproduct of Helping Others Achieve Their Goals.


So who Am I You Ask? 

I'm a celebrity entertainer based out of Las Vegas specializing in magical, and mental illusions as well as American Sideshow.  I have a strong background working in film, television, and themed events; my passion is in the geeky gamer alternative subcultures we all love to call fan conventions.  Cosplay, Masquerades, Gatherings, Science Fiction, Comics, and the like have been a foundation for which I've built my personal life up and around.    Picard is my captain, a lightsaber my weapon of choice, and my grail quest is none other than the legendary Triforce.  When I'm not doing geeky things I've appeared on television shows like "Masters of Illusion", "Don't Blink", "True Nightmares", and "The Late Late Show with James Corden".


I'm at home on a film set, but in my heart I would rather be on your stage surrounded  by hundreds of cosplay clad nerds just like myself.  

A picture is worth a thousand words... This one just happens to say: "CHEESE!"

That's Exactly What I Did 

I started by going back to my college roots doing improv in theater class, put together an improv comedy show called "Whose Line Is It Anime?"  Seizing on the immediate success of that show I went to my other love, the art of MAGIC, for inspiration.  By then I was already a member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.  It only made since to incorporate elements of cosplay, gamer, geek, nerd fandoms, fan fictions, and convention life spiced up with a little burlesque, little dance, and a little variety arts, creating geeky magic shows that the convention attendees all love!  


What's In It For You?  


That's a great question!  I'm probably the only Talent you've ever spoken to that asks YOU if I can make YOU money?  But the numbers don't lie.  I make conventions, like yours, a sizable amount of extra money.  Here, let me break it down for you and explain.

When you book me as a specialty act, you can sell tickets to my show.  My average tickets sell for around $25 dollars a ticket.  That's excluding price tiers, early purchase incentives, meet and greets, online only prices vs at the door prices, etc.  With that in mind, here are some quick numbers:

500 Attending my show yields: $12,500.00 in profits 

1,000 Attending yields: $25,000.00.  

My shows consistently bring in attendance anywhere from 600 to 1,300 people depending on the size of the convention, and the amount of marketing put into the performance.  Whether you are for profit or not, I don't know anyone who couldn't use an extra ten grand to reinvest into their convention.  

But What If You Don't Want To Charge For Tickets? 


Don't worry!  We can work with that too.  Not all perceived value comes with a price tag.  By having my show at your convention I can boost attendance, relieve pressure on lines, convey key notes, and enhance perceived value by providing additional atmospheric entertainment, on top of the standard Q&A sessions and Meet & Greets.  


Just like I can build custom shows for my clients, I also work on custom performance plans as well.

I Consult, Produce, and Perform

This clip is from a burlesque and variety show I've been producing the last five years for one of my clients.

I don't always just produce one man shows.  I can build shows specific to the needs of my clients.  

Sometimes I even get to work with celebrities.

The Show

My one man sixty minute show is the perfect sized show to fit into any venue, any space, anytime.  It has relatively little tech time, setting up inside of an hour, and strikes down just as fast.  That means that I can follow previous panels, and be cleared in time for the next person(s) to come after me.  

My show features strong elements of fan driven material that is completely customizable to the needs of the convention hosting it.  If you are a Star Wars convention, then my material, references, etc.  are all themed to be Star Wars.  If you're an anime convention, then it's anime. I love all fandoms.

All of my shows incorporate heavy amounts of audience participation and I generally operate on a family friendly PG13 rating.  If you want something a little more mature then you'll be glad to know that my adults only show option is available upon request.   My shows have served as ticketed main events for conventions, as well as general atmospheric entertainment with free admission.


I am literally the only entertainer in the world with this much flexibility, versatility, knowledge of how conventions operate, and understanding of the fan driven community to be able to do what I do.

I'm A Mental Illusionist...     A Mentalist!

In my sixty minute show the audience will experience:

  • I'll read the minds of four spectators and tell them who is thinking of their favorite movie, character, actor, and game power up is.

  • Predict the exact time on a clock when an audience member will blow a whistle during a show.

  • Read the minds of audience members as they read comics, scripts, dictionaries, or manga.

  • Predict the exact contents of a fanfiction short story written by audience members during the show.

  • Audience Participation

  • Jokes, Laughs, and Comedy

  • Cosplay

  • And More!

“You made my con .... I've been hitting conventions for over 15 years, Anime Expo since 2000, This is now my best and favorite con of all time even topping AX2001 - And it was your show that pushed it over the top. Thanks! You made memories people will cherish for a lifetime!”  ~  Doug Nelson

"It was one of the most amazing magic shows I've ever seen in person. Also one of the best performances I've ever seen at Anime Expo. I was considering AX2013 to be my last time visiting Anime Expo. However, after last night. I don't want to miss another show. William Draven, you and you cohorts have made a fan.” ~Kezi Sayre

"Don't. Miss. This. Show!"

Racket Magazine

Can We Work Together?

That's the big question!  At the end of the day, I hope that you've seen enough on this page to at least get you interested enough to click the "Lets Talk" button below.  Since you're here, feel free to click thru the rest of my website, and check out my social media.  If you want videos- I've got those too.  

So what say you?   Can I earn the pleasure of making your membership base smile, laugh, clap, and have some fun?

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