Offering The Following Shows

Length of Show Can Depend Upon Individual Needs.


Masterful sleight of hand, and visually delightful illusions perfect for any event from strolling close up to family friendly stage.


Step right up, and witness the edgy, and dangerous LIVE and on the inside.  This thrilling show will have you on the edges of your seat with loads of "You shouldn't do this at home" stunts that are not for the faint of heart.


He knows what you think, and he'll prove it too!  No mind is safe, so secret secure, Draven's mental illusion show is a thrilling demonstration of mind over matter.


Ghosts, spooks, hauntings, and all things weird.  The magic is a strange story telling experience focused on the things that haunt our very nightmares and terrify our imaginations.  Do you dare to see what the self styled Master of the Macabre has in store for you?

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